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Uber Car Rental

Uber Car Rental

Top 7 Perks You Get to Enjoy When You Drive for Uber

The popularity of rideshare services is on the rise, thanks to the convenience they bring to passenger and drivers alike. Ridesharing takes out the hassle of being stranded on the street waiting for a cab, which could take a while, depending on traffic conditions and your location. For drivers, driving an Uber car rental makes the business of transporting passengers less of a job, and more of a leisurely way to make money.

Similar to most jobs, driving for Uber has its perks and perils. Most drivers would agree, however, that the benefits outweigh the liabilities.

What are the perks of driving for Uber?

  1. Become your own boss

When you drive for Uber, you have the flexibility to work on your own hours, or on a schedule that suits your circumstances. Are you unemployed, self-employed, working part-time or working full-time? Whichever is the case, you can offer ridesharing services whenever and wherever you can. Because you can use your Uber car for work and leisure, you can pick up passengers in between jobs, after work, or throughout the entire day if you are currently unemployed. Simply put, you are in control of your time, with no boss to tell you what you’re supposed to do and not do.

  1. Limit Unpaid Miles

A common cab driver’s woe is driving around the city, or even long distances, just to find a passenger. This means time and fuel wasted, which translates to money down the drain. But Uber spares you from unpaid miles through its Uber partner app, which alerts you of a client near you. The app also provides information about the amount of time needed to reach a particular passenger, so you can further minimise unpaid miles. This means you can park at a prime location and wait for your next passenger, keeping you from driving around town with no rider in sight.

  1. Surge Pricing

If the demand for Uber drivers is high at a particular location or due to the holidays or big events, pricing rates also increase. The surge in price offers drivers an opportunity to increase their income, even when it can only happen for a few hours. If they make the most of surge pricing, they will be able to earn enough to pay for Uber car rental and gain a profit.

Once the demand for taxi services drops, prices go back to normal as well.

  1. Earn Money at your own time

Making money is the biggest perk of driving for Uber. Unlike a regular cab driver, however, you can earn money at your own time. You work your own hours, depending on whether or not Uber is your main or supplementary source of income. If you manage to minimise unpaid miles and maximise surge pricing events, you will earn significantly. This is exactly why Uber car rental is a lucrative alternative of cab driving.

  1. Drive a new, fancy car

Uber rental cars are selected based on standards set by the ridesharing company, so you’ll definitely drive a vehicle that is fuel efficient and has a 5-star safety rating. Nothing old or rickety, that’s for sure. Depending on the partner rental company, the vehicles could be brand new as well. It’s an opportunity to drive a new or fancy vehicle without having to buy one. And, get this, you will be able to use it for both work and leisure.

  1. All your driving needs covered

Uber car rental will provide everything you need to start work straightaway. These include full comprehensive insurance, 24/7 breakdown service, and a car replacement to ensure you keep earning following an accident. Depending on the rental partner, a brand new car is also changed and updated regularly.

As a driver-partner for Uber, you also have access to in-app, website, local website and email support, which you’ll likely need at one point or another. If you prefer face-to-face conversations, Uber also has greenlight locations, where an Uber expert is available to speak with you.

  1. Flexible rideshare solutions

As an Uber member, you get to choose a car rental partner that offers the best ridesharing solutions, such as minimum rental terms, where rideshare rental is just a minimum of 2 weeks with no lock-in period. If your circumstances change, e.g. from being unemployed to employed, you can return the vehicle with no penalty.

If you simply want to give the ridesharing business a try, the shortest possible term for rideshare rental would also give you enough time to decide whether to pursue ridesharing or not.

Interested to be an Uber driver-partner?


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