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Reasons why you should lease a rideshare car

Reasons why you should lease a rideshare car

Reasons why you should lease a rideshare car

The ridesharing sector has never been more accessible. Think about it; you do not have to buy a car anymore to work in this industry. All you need is the passion for running a business and a superb rental company to make this dream a reality.

Additionally, there are several rental packages available to enhance your earning potential. One of the best options in the market is to lease a rideshare car. If you are looking to join this business, here are some reasons why you should consider a long-term car lease in Sydney.

No hidden charges

When you consider the conventional way of acquiring a car, the process always attracts other administration charges. Banks include extra processing fees which were never initially discussed, and for someone on a budget, this becomes a setback. However, with a long term lease for your rideshare car, every cost is made clear from the start.

After sealing the deal with the leasing company, you will agree on a fixed price rate which you can pay weekly or monthly. You will keep paying this price for the entire period of the lease. You will find it is a reasonable and affordable rate, especially when you use the car for ridesharing.

Free insurance

Every driver knows that it is mandatory to have car insurance. For middle-income earners, this creates a barrier to entering the ridesharing sector. Hence, for this reason, rental companies like Keyz have come up with a lasting solution to help rideshare drivers.

By agreeing to a long term car lease with us, you stand to benefit from our free insurance policy. All the cars we have available for leasing come with insurance which is paid for through the weekly payments that you initially agreed on when signing the contract. Hence, after leasing a car, you will not have to bear any extra insurance costs.

Free servicing and maintenance

Another expense that makes car ownership a costly endeavour is maintenance or service fees. Every once in a while, you need to take your car to the garage to enhance its durability. While this is critical for your safety and that of your passengers, your savings often take a hit.

But with a long term car lease for your ridesharing business, you don’t have to worry about this. The leasing company handles the car’s maintenance costs and will provide you with a temporary car should yours be off the road. Therefore, you never have to miss a day of work!

Vacation breaks

As long as you have been driving for at least two weeks, you can return the car after 14 pays penalty-free. This is great if you’re going on holiday and don’t want a car sitting on your driveway. You simply notify the lease company and drop off your car before you go. When you’re back from your holiday, you arrange an appointment and select a new vehicle.

New car rotation

When you get into a long-term car lease agreement with Keyz, you get the chance to choose a car that best fits your needs when you sign up. However, to guarantee that your quality of service is consistent, you will get a new car after a set mileage is reached. This means that with this kind of contract, your clients will always be riding in luxury.

Reduced paperwork

If there is anything that gives people a headache when acquiring conventional loans it is the amount of paperwork involved. First, there is the agreement, then the guarantors, followed by the verification of your credit score, and much more. With a ridesharing car lease agreement, such bureaucracies have been scrapped to enable anyone to join the sector with ease.

Be your own boss

Without the usual fees and insurances costs involved in owning a car, you have the opportunity to really maximise your earnings. You can even decide when you work as you’ll be your own boss!

The ridesharing sector is growing at an exponential rate. While people around the world are taking the opportunity by storm, there is no reason why you should be left behind. Information is power; it’s what you choose to do with it that makes the biggest difference. Choose Keyz for ridesharing rental cars today.