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What is Uber Marketplace

What the Uber Marketplace Has to Offer to Driver-Partners The promise of flexibility and convenience has led to the rise in popularity of ridesharing services, which Uber hasn’t failed to deliver. As one of the pioneers of online transportation network, it has set the standards for real-time ridesharing, including the kind of vehicle Uber drivers

Uber Marketplace

Around 25% of people who apply to drive for Uber unfortunately fail to qualify purely because their vehicle doesn’t pass necessary points. Uber Marketplace has been designed by Uber to enable their driver partners another way. Uber have developed Uber Marketplace as a central location for their driver partners to find a vehicle solution for

Our first month!

A quick update from our Operations Manager Scott Kerr. Well what an opening month it has been! Nearly 30 clients have taken delivery of their brand new Keyz rideshare rental car and are now earning great money driving for Uber X, Uber XL and Uber Select. We started this company on the basis that we