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What is Uber Marketplace

What is Uber Marketplace

What the Uber Marketplace Has to Offer to Driver-Partners

The promise of flexibility and convenience has led to the rise in popularity of ridesharing services, which Uber hasn’t failed to deliver. As one of the pioneers of online transportation network, it has set the standards for real-time ridesharing, including the kind of vehicle Uber drivers must use. This led to the creation of the Uber Marketplace, where drivers can shop for the right vehicle.

What is the Uber Marketplace?

This is where partner-drivers shop for an Uber-approved vehicle to rent, lease or buy. If Uber provides the flexibility for drivers to earn income, the Uber marketplace offers a convenient portal for them to get what they need to get on the road.

With a reputation to protect and standards to uphold, individuals signed up for the Uber platform are required to use only eligible vehicles, one that has met the criteria set by the ridesharing company. If a vehicle owner’s car failed the cut, they have to find another ride that will be satisfactory or acceptable. But how do you find an eligible car? A bigger question would be should you rent or buy one?

All these concerns are taken care of at the Uber marketplace.

Uber is in partnership with great car companies and suppliers gathered together in one place, where individuals signed up in the Uber platform will have access to. These partners provide vehicles eligible for ridesharing services, along with flexible financing options.

Each one offers different ridesharing programs based on the following factors:

  • The type of car available for rent, lease or buy
  • Weekly rental price
  • Additional cost for every kilometre driven on top of the agreed mileage
  • Payment/rental terms

As a driver-partner, you get to choose which car company satisfies your needs and preferences based on what they offer. It is important to look beyond the rental cost and additional fees, and view all inclusions as a whole.

If you look closely, a lower weekly rental fee can mean driving a late model or one that has been used for 9 months or so. Considering that you will be using the vehicle for, probably, long periods, you should go for something brand new. One that will let you earn money for Uber significantly, before it starts showing signs of wear.

How the Uber Marketplace works

Sign up for Uber

You need to be an Uber member before you can take advantage of what the marketplace has to offer. You can sign up from the online market portal or on the Uber website.  Afterwards, register to create an account in the marketplace.

Choose a ridesharing program that suits your needs

Do you want to rent, buy or flexible buy an eligible vehicle? The third option provides you with a flexible solution to own a vehicle without the need to commit to a multi-year contract. Depending on the offer of a car company, you can even take advantage of the hand-back notice, where you can return the car after a specific rental period with no exit fee.

Pick the right supplier offer from the list provided

Which supplier partner offers the best deals for your needs? Think about the rental cost, terms and the additional fees. More importantly, think about the vehicle that comes with that deal. It should be most suitable to your driving needs, especially if you make driving for Uber your full-time job.

Once you pick a supplier, you will then be redirected to its website. Think of the marketplace as where introductions are made before you and the car company get down to business.

How to Choose the Right Supplier

Compare each supplier based on the factors listed above. If you go for Keyz and want to know how to become a Keyz driver, for example, take note of what they have to offer, and all other important information.

  • The type of car available for rent, lease or buy: New Compact, SUV, Luxury and People Movers
  • Weekly rental price: From $245
  • Additional cost for every kilometre driven on top of the agreed mileage: 1,200 / $0.05
  • Payment/rental terms: Joining Fee: $220. 2 week minimum term plus a hand-back notice period of 14 days. New car update: 3 months / 7,500km

Apart from these factors, Keyz has other free inclusions that sweeten the deal, such as no long contracts, vehicle insurance, car maintenance and servicing, registration, and 24/7 roadside assistance at no extra cost. But the real draw is the new vehicles that you can drive, which are picked for their fuel efficiency and 5 Star ANCAP safety rating. This makes the not-so-low weekly rental fee so much worth it. What is even better is that you can use your Keyz vehicle for both work and leisure. No deal can be sweeter than

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