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5 benefits of car sharing in Melbourne

5 benefits of car sharing in Melbourne

5 benefits of car sharing in Melbourne

Car sharing is becoming one of the fastest-growing transportation models in the world. It is a commuting option for those who prefer to use a car to get around but either don’t want to buy one outright, or don’t need a car often enough to justify buying one. With car share, you can access and drive yourself in a company-owned car or connect with a private owner who can either loan you their car or drive you to your destination.

It can be a great way to save money and do more for the environment, since you will be sharing a vehicle with more than a few people to limit greenhouse gas emissions. In this article, we’ve outlined some of the benefits of car share in Melbourne so you can decide whether this is an option for you.

Car share in Melbourne is more cost effective

Car ownership has become so expensive over the years that for many people, it’s just not worth it. Melbourne is the second most expensive place to own a car. The average private car owner here pays for financing, insurance/registration, toll fees and service and maintenance costs. It can cost up to $70 per day to commute to and from work in your own car! You’d need to use a car share service to travel more than 100km per day, seven days a week, to spend the same amount. Most people would save money car sharing instead of owning a car. What’s more, even car owners could expect to save hundreds per month after joining a car share service.

Car sharing increases accessibility

Car sharing increases the mobility of people who don’t have cars. The biggest inconveniences of public transit in Melbourne are the lack of accessibility and the inadequacy of routes and schedules. Given that information, it’s not surprising that most people prefer to commute by car; since you can get exactly where you want to go, and faster.

Even in terms of just getting to and from work, the average time spent on public transit in Melbourne is 80 minutes. For most commuters, this includes at least one route transfer. Moreover, man public transport passengers still have to walk at least 1km per day as a part of their working commute.

Reduce traffic congestion

Traffic congestion in Melbourne can get pretty heavy during peak hours, which makes going to work or coming home take a lot longer. With fewer cars on the road, the commuting experience will improve and car share is one of the best ways to do that. While newer and toll-controlled roads may sound promising, they aren’t very effective in decreasing congestion at all.

One car share vehicle can replace 13 private cars, which can make a great difference to traffic congestion. That kind of change would be good for more than just your schedule; with reduced congestion, drivers are exposed to fewer road hazards (making commuting safer) and have more time for other activities.

Access to customer support

If your car breaks down or requires urgent repairs, this can take days if not weeks where you’ll be left without a vehicle to get to work. With car share in Melbourne, you will always have access to a vehicle and support from the customer service team with any questions you have. You’re also not responsible for things like repair or registration which can be a costly hassle.

It’s environmentally sustainable

Big cities such as Melbourne continue to suffer from high pollution levels. Respiratory problems like asthma or emphysema, the greenhouse effect and reduction of the ozone layer are just some of the effects. The majority of car share vehicles are new models that are designed to be more sustainable, fuel efficient and eco-friendly in an effort to reduce the effect on the environment. This makes them a great option for commuters who are more environmentally conscious.

Melbourne’s population is increasing and it’s even thought to overtake Sydney as the biggest city in Australia over the next decade. As the number of people commuting in the city increases, so too will the traffic congestion on the roads. Public transport is a great solution, but sometimes having a vehicle is essential which makes car share a viable solution to this problem. The easiest way to improve your life is to participate in and popularise car share in Melbourne.