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Important facts about a rideshare car lease

Important facts about a rideshare car lease

Important facts about a rideshare car lease

Australia has greatly embraced the rideshare sector. Demand for rideshare cars has, therefore, been on the rise as more individuals look to join the thousands of drivers in the industry. While this business is working miracles for them, the greatest challenge is acquiring a car to use for a ridesharing venture.

Car dealers, rideshare companies, and financial institutions are offering willing drivers the opportunity to lease a car for business purposes. While this is a very appealing option for drivers, several aspects are involved. The following discussion highlights critical facts about rideshare car leases that every driver should note.


First, before jumping into a deal and agreeing to a leasing contract for a rideshare car, consider if any membership fees are required. Some providers require you to contribute a certain amount which is separate from any leasing fees as a membership subscription charge. The charges could start from as low as $100 annually to about $300 for a one-off payment.

Since a rideshare car lease is a mutually beneficial agreement, we don’t see the need for any extra charges. A mutually beneficial deal means that the driver and the service provider both benefit from the agreement. Providers like Keyz have no membership charges and would be an excellent choice for your rideshare car lease.

Leasing period

When you decide to apply for a rideshare car lease, you will probably need to define a period for the rental. While this period does not affect any part of the contract, it is good to choose a length of time that best suits you. It is also critical to carefully consider the minimum leasing period, after which you can return the car. You should choose a company which gives you good flexibility when you decide you want to end the lease.

Available cars

After all the necessary steps of the leasing agreement are met, the next thing will be to choose the car that you will use for your business. Now, to avoid frustrations at this stage, you need to make prior enquiries about the cars available for leasing. After all, the car is an essential part of your rideshare business, because it will transport your clients and determine the quality of the service you offer.

A small, cramped car could lead to bad reviews for your driver profile. Hence, before signing your agreement, take a look at the available cars, and ensure they meet your preferences. Keyz offers a wide selection, including 5-seaters and 7-seater vehicles.

Fuel efficiency

In most leasing agreements, the maintenance and insurance costs are often taken care of by the provider. However, the driver is responsible for fuelling the car in addition to paying the regular leasing fees. Hence, a fuel-efficient car can help you save on the cost of fuel and, therefore, increase your daily income.

Leasing payments

Rideshare car leases include a fixed amount of money that drivers pay for the entire period of the rental. The money is often paid as compensation for using the car to make money through ridesharing. Though this is a fixed amount, it is not a standard fee for all providers of rideshare car leasing services.

Hence, this means that some prices will be low, while others will be high and will also vary from one provider to the next. Before settling on a single provider, you should look around for the most competitive charges. Keyz has some of the best prices for current and aspiring rideshare drivers in Australia.

Limitation clauses

Before you can entirely commit to the agreement, consider if there are any limitation clauses. A limitation clause is the part of a contract that indicates measures to be taken when certain limits are crossed. Some providers out there will commit to a certain amount of insurance premiums, and once this threshold is passed, the driver will have to cover the extra charges themselves. Other providers will charge for crossing a set limit of mileage. It is good to look out for such clauses in the leasing agreement before you put pen to paper.

Once you put all or most of these facts into context, then you can be guaranteed of the best ridesharing experience any driver can get. Also, you will be saving yourself from unnecessary job stress and costs. That said, if you are looking for a convenient, driver-tailored experience, choose a Keyz rideshare car lease today.