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How to increase your income as an Uber driver in the Gold Coast

How to increase your income as an Uber driver in the Gold Coast

How to increase your income as an Uber driver in the Gold Coast

As an Uber driver in the Gold Coast there are many ways to increase your income and boost your business. For one thing, the Gold Coast is a popular tourist hot spot which means you’re likely to find many jobs from simply driving around—especially if you know the right locations and popular pick up spots.

However, most Uber drivers in the Gold Coast know the area the same way you do, which means you’re always competing for customers in the same places. In this article, we’ve covered some simple tips and tricks to help you overcome some of these challenges and increase your income as an Uber driver.

Let’s get started:

Schedule driving times around surge pricing

While there is no guarantee of a surge, there are particular times when surges are much more likely to occur. Typically, surges are more likely to occur on Fridays and Saturday nights, during major events and during morning and evening rush hours. It’s best to plan your weekly schedules around these popular surge times and benefit from surge pricing. However, Uber Gold Coast drivers are encouraged not to chase surge fares blindly and instead, navigate surge pricing tactfully.

Play your passengers’ favourite music

As an Uber driver, you can easily increase your income by showing your passengers how much you appreciate them. Let them choose the music if they want to—this tends to work best with groups of young people or those who are heading for a night out. By giving them the option to play music they like, they are more likely to give you higher ratings and better tips. However, if a passenger rejects your offer to play music do not insist on it. Read the crowd and act accordingly!

Offer complimentary refreshments and snacks

The Gold Coast is a sunny paradise, but at certain times of year temperatures can become unbearably hot. Offering your passengers a complimentary bottle of cold water on those scorching days, and/or a snack will make them feel more energised and comfortable in your vehicle. This also improves your odds of getting tips and a five star rating.

Locate nearby bathrooms

At some point during your shift, you’ll need to stop for a bathroom break. Ensure you scope out available restroom facilities in your driving area. This allows you to minimise fuel wastage in trying to find an open parking spot.

Pay close attention to the essentials

Some essentials will boost your Uber driver ratings and consequently increase your earning potential as an Uber Gold Coast driver. Be sure to keep your car impeccably clean, stay clean yourself and dress professionally at all times. Ensure you keep all bad odours away from your vehicle and drive safely to make your passengers feel comfortable and safe. These essentials will keep your stats up and increase your income.

Encourage tips

The best way to get tips is to remain professional and provide an excellent rideshare experience. However, if you’re already doing so but you’re not getting many tips, you can prompt your passengers by adding a tip sign to your car. Most times passengers will leave a tip if they are reminded and if you’ve given them a good reason to!

Install the Uber passenger app

The passenger app allows you to see other cars in the area so you can avoid areas where the competition is too high. This is a good trick to help you not only find jobs, but get first access to passengers in places where other Uber drivers aren’t going.

Minimise driving around

Driving around while you’re waiting for a ride request or driving a long way to pick up a passenger is uneconomical for a variety of reasons. It increases your fuel expenses and thus, your earning potential as an Uber Gold Coast driver. To avoid driving around endlessly, map out the areas with the highest demand for your services and plan your shift hours and routes accordingly.

Consider renting a car

While many Uber drivers use their personal car to run their Uber business, there are many benefits to using a rental car instead. For starters, it’s easier to track your expenses and you’ll have access to a newer car without spending a large lump sum of money on buying it outright. A rental can help you increase your income by allowing you to take advantage of more affordable and accessible insurance options and a newer vehicle that your passengers are more likely to rate highly.

There you have it! It’s possible to increase your income as an Uber driver in the Gold Coast just by adopting a few new habits. Follow these tips and boost your Uber driver earnings today.