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Rideshare Rental: Decide what’s right for you.

Rideshare Rental: Decide what’s right for you.

Rideshare Rental: Decide what’s right for you.

Let’s start with a few hypotheticals: you want to boost your income stream as rideshare driver, but you don’t have a car.

Or maybe you do have a car, but it’s not the right fit for rideshare services like Uber or DiDi.

Or maybe you don’t want to put down the extra funds required to get your car up to spec for rideshare driving.

Or maybe you just love your car, too much to allow customers to plonk themselves in the passenger seat and start messing with the aircon settings.

The answer to these hypotheticals? Rideshare rental. 

Rideshare rental has become an increasingly viable option for prospective drivers who want to earn money driving for the likes of Uber, DiDi, or one of the other fledgeling startups, but either don’t own a vehicle or are unwilling to use their own vehicle.

Renting a vehicle for rideshare driving empowers you to jump in, switch on, and get started—in a vehicle that has been serviced, detailed, and otherwise specced out to rideshare industry standard.

Making the decision is the first step. You now have some questions to consider before you choose the rideshare rental that’s right for you.

Some Considerations When Choosing a Rideshare Rental

What kind of rideshare service will I be offering?

More importantly, what kind of driver do you intend to be? The rideshare industry is constantly growing, and with that, so are the number of niche services available.

The rideshare service you intend to drive for will be a key factor in choosing the appropriate vehicle. Consider that every rideshare service has its own USP.

Budget Rideshare

Currently on offer are the original UberX, UberX challenger DiDi Express, the women-only startup Shebah, the recent addition Ola, and presumably more to come. It’s definitely worth looking into the points of difference between each of the budget rideshare services available in Australia to find the best fit.

Budget Service, Small Car

Using a small car for budget rideshare driving is perfect for inner city drivers who want to keep their costs down and handle a high volume of short trips

Keyz offers a range of small-sized 5-seater hatchback models, including the Mitsubishi Mirage Hatch, the Toyota Corolla Ascent, the Kia Rio, and much more.

Budget Service, Family Size

If you’re based in the suburbs, or you plan to focus on airport runs, you should consider a fuel-efficient family-sized vehicle.

The Toyota Camry Altise and the Hyundai Tucson Active are both affordably suited for conveying passengers with families, luggage, groceries, or a combination of the three.

Carpool or Large-size Rideshare

With UberXL, UberPool, and DiDi about to introduce its own 7-seater service, it’s safe to assume that this particular rideshare service is here to stay. But will it suit you?

Renting a 7-seat rideshare vehicle presents a level of flexibility to rideshare drivers with large families, who may wish to double up their vehicle for personal use. Keyz offers an affordable range of 7-seat vehicles, from SUVs such as the Mitsubishi Outlander LS, to dedicated people movers like the KIA Carnival.

Luxury Rideshare

Perhaps you live in, or are planning to work in, an area that boasts a high median household income.

Or you may have experience working in customer service industries that offer premium brackets of service. If any of this is the case, driving for a premium rideshare service could be suitable.

The luxury rideshare market in Australia is, for the most part, dominated by Uber’s UberPremium service, however DiDi may expand their Premier service to Australian capitals at some point.

Keyz are committed to supplying rideshare rental vehicles to premium drivers that are both fuel-efficient and satisfy the requirements of current luxury rideshare providers in Australia.

Our premium rideshare rental range includes the Mercedes V-Class and the Skoda Superb.

Due Diligence

Quite simply, the more research you do, the better your chances of selecting the perfect rideshare rental.


Do you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area? This is important, as the region you live in and plan to operate in will influence the duration and frequency of your rides. And, by extension, it will influence the type of rideshare rental you opt for.

Ride Data

Wherever possible, do your research into the average frequency and distance of rides in your area. It will help you decide between a rental vehicle with unlimited KMs or a rental vehicle with the best fuel-efficiency. Uber Movement is a resource that is constantly aggregating ride data from cities all over the world, including Australian capital cities.