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Some Tips for Uber Drivers New to Brisbane

Some Tips for Uber Drivers New to Brisbane

Some Tips for Uber Drivers New to Brisbane

Are you an Uber or rideshare driver and have just moved to Brisbane?

You’ve chosen well. Brisbane’s population and geographical scope are expanding at a steady clip, with no sign of slowing down.

Yes, you will need to rent a car, but in addition to securing one of the many Uber rental cars available in Brisbane, there are a few other things you need to know before you get cracking.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Test areas that are busy at certain times

It sounds like a no-brainer, but by far the highest demand for Uber cars in Brisbane occurs between 5pm and 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

But not all busy areas and times are created equal. You might find that Fortitude Valley on Saturday nights is saturated with drivers with few options for safe pickup and drop-off of passengers, whereas West End could be nice and consistent across the whole weekend.

Urban and suburban dining (and drinking) precincts continue to dot Brisbane’s landscape as more zones are redeveloped, particularly in the suburbs surrounding the CBD.

Some to consider for evening weekend testing include:

  • West End
    • West End is a formerly grungy suburb that has witnessed an explosion of redevelopment, restaurants, and hip bars over the last decade. Sitting next to Southbank, it flows with restaurant and bar traffic on weekends.
  • New Farm
    • Adjacent to Fortitude Valley, New Farm can prove to be a healthy ride source for both bar and restaurant patrons as well as New Farm locals looking for an easy ride to the Valley and Teneriffe.
  • Paddington
    • From the craft bars and cafes lining MacGregor Terrace to The Barracks Precinct on Caxton St, Paddington has evolved into a very popular inner-city suburban hotspot for diners and revellers on weekends. An added bonus is Paddington’s immediate proximity to Suncorp Stadium.
  • Tenerife
    • A dining/drinking hotspot that attracts an upwardly mobile crowd who choose Tenerife to either begin or end their weekend evenings. Bonus points to Tenerife for its proximity to The Powerhouse: a venue complex that hosts several shows every Friday and Saturday night.
  • Southbank
    • Southbank is well-known to both tourists and locals. A dedicated entertainment precinct that attracts regular crowds, (especially on weekends), you will also benefit from the many people who frequent QPAC.

Other honourable mentions worth looking into include: Woolloongabba, Bowen Hills, Milton, Balmoral, all major shopping centres.

Be mindful of loading zones, for extended periods of time. Be mindful of vacant bus and taxi zones for any period of time.

Brisbane City Council officers can be vigilant! They’re famous for it, and there are lots of them, especially in the CBD.

Keep an eye on the Brisbane Events Calendar

Large events held in Brisbane are packed with potential rideshare customers, heading in and going home. Pay particular attention to music festivals, major sporting events, and food and alcohol-themed events and expos. Some examples to get you thinking include:

  • Oktoberfest. October 11-13 and 18-20.
    • Held at the RNA Showgrounds in Bowen Hills, Oktoberfest has been a very popular go-to event for beer fans and revellers for well over two decades in Brisbane. This event typically attracts large crowds, all of whom need a ride home.
  • Gillette T20 International: Australian vs Sri Lanka. October 30.
    • International cricket fixtures are big business in Brisbane, and the upcoming Australia v Sri Lanka clash will be no exception. Held at ‘The Gabba’, otherwise known as The Brisbane Cricket Ground in Woolloongabba, this event is bound to create high demand for rides—especially when you consider that The Gabba seats up to 36,000 people per cricket event.

As with all major events in Brisbane, it’s really important to research safe and/or dedicated pickup and drop-off points ahead of time.

Join a Brisbane Uber driver forum

A whole swathe of Brisbane Uber and rideshare drivers inhabit these forums and groups, all of them with opinions. Sign in, soak up the Brisbane info, and ask questions. There are Facebook groups and website forums just one Google search away.

Do your research before doing Brisbane Airport rides

The first thing a passenger will see exiting the Brisbane Airport terminal is a taxi que. You want to be as informed and prepared as possible to ensure you make money from your airport trips.

First, you’ll need to get registered. After that, you need to research as much as possible. There are some good guides to Brisbane Airport pickups available. Here’s one to get you started. 

Get yourself a car

No, really. Your starting point is securing one of the many Uber rental cars in Brisbane. Keyz provides an affordable and fuel-efficient range of Uber rental cars for Brisbane Uber and rideshare drivers. All of our Uber rental cars are specced up to the requisite standards of Uber and other rideshare operators, giving you the power to get started.