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Starting Out With Uber: Things To Consider

Starting Out With Uber: Things To Consider

Starting Out With Uber: Things To Consider

If you’re considering freelance work as a rideshare driver, there are some important things to consider which will ensure that your decision leads to success.

It helps to be a people person

Uber is one of the biggest forces in the so-called ‘gig economy’, with a structure that is characterised by a peer-to-peer ratings system.

In plain English, this means making a positive impression on every ride you take. If you are the introverted type who shies away from conversation, this could be difficult.

Furthermore, if you take someone on a trip without saying a single word or smiling, they’ll get creeped out.

Are you someone who loves driving?

It’s important—no, essential—that you really enjoy driving if you want to succeed with the likes of Uber, Ola, or DiDi.

Additionally, it helps to have a nice car that satisfies Uber’s requirements and is a pleasure to drive. A recommended option in that regard is to find an Uber car for rent, which is where Keyz can help you.

Working in the gig economy is less structured

Are you a self-starter? Are you motivated outside of supervision? If you’ve answered ‘no’, then you need to set a schedule, based on known peak times in your area.

Do some research into your city—look into statistics around high-demand suburbs and peak times, set a schedule around that data, and test the waters.

Your Uber-suitable vehicle may eat through fuel, and/or be expensive to maintain

You might be proud of your beautiful, European SUV, but lordy does it ever chew through petrol and cost a mint to service. Two of the biggest pitfalls for rideshare drivers in terms of making a profit are burning through too much fuel and high maintenance.

Opting for an Uber car for rent can mean the difference between making a profit or paying too much for fuel and engine wear. When you rent a rideshare-ready vehicle from Keyz, you’re choosing an Uber car that has all the servicing and maintenance costs included in the weekly rate. All of our vehicles have been researched for their fuel-efficiency, and include models with unlimited KMs.

If you’re a part-timer, you might not be available during peak times

If you already work casually or part-time, do some research into typical surge periods and make sure you’re available for them.

Be mindful of how much you drive around looking for rides

This can be a gas guzzler. The best way to avoid this is to start out part-time, test out what works, and find your zone. Again: research and setting a schedule are key.

The Uber app only tracks driving distance for the duration of rides

Be careful of this, because it means that you aren’t taking into account fuel and engine wear when you’re driving between each ride.

It’s really important to log all driving to give you a clear understanding of how much it costs you to drive for Uber, in terms of fuel and rental costs if you’re renting your vehicle, or fuel and maintenance costs if you’re driving your own vehicle.

Rideshare drivers require a specific type of insurance.

At minimum, you’ll need to take out CPT and TPP insurance, which could bite into your earnings.

Fortunately, again, all of Keyz’ rental vehicles are covered by the insurance required of Uber drivers.

Airports may seem like a big ride source, but it’s complicated, especially for pick-ups

If you’ve ever walked through Arrivals at the airport, your first thought would likely have been how you’re getting home.

So it seems pretty straightforward that idling near the airport would be a good idea. Wrong. Over the last few years, Australian airports have developed specific rules, processes, and fees for rideshare operators. And just like taxis, you will have to join a queue.

People might offer to pay you cash

Among the many reasons why this is a terrible idea, you will have no record of their trip.

You may forget to rest and/or take breaks

In most occupations, regular breaks are not only recommended, but mandatory. Getting out of your car every thirty minutes to an hour for some light stretches will actually help you to stay focused. It will improve the safety margin for you and your passengers, and help your endurance.

You don’t have a car

What?! Seriously, though, this is actually more common than you might think. To step up to the challenge of providing ‘Uber car for rent’ services to drivers who are ready and keen to work in the rideshare industry, Keyz has an extensive range of fuel-efficient, Uber-ready rental vehicles.